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2021 Construction Industry Trends to Watch

2021 Construction Industry Trends to Watch 2240 1260 Majid Riahi

So we’ve made it to the new year! It’s time to reevaluate, throw out the old and welcome in the new. We’re sure you’ve got plenty of exciting plans and ‘new beginnings’ in mind for your new year. Maybe you’ll go vegan; perhaps you’ll start reading more or learn another language; you might even reach out for that promotion which has been so tantalizingly close for so long. The world is yours to explore, and now is the time to make the most of it.

Over here in the construction industry, we’re opening our eyes to a range of new possibilities in 2021. Previous construction industry trends are quickly becoming old news while hot new alternatives rise to take their place. If you’re keen to stay on top of all the latest construction industry trends, you’ll want to listen up. Here are a few of the trends to watch:

3D Printing

You’ve seen 3D printing used to create small components or novelties like pencil pots, but did you ever consider it as a viable method of constructing a house? Until recently, we didn’t either. Throughout the last decade, though, several companies all over the world have shaken up the industry by 3D printing entire houses, including in Mexico, Italy and the Netherlands. As we enter 2021, more companies will continue incorporate of 3D printing into their construction toolbox, and it’s something that absolutely requires your attention.

Modular Construction Methods

With the novel coronavirus forcing a ‘start-stop’ practice of working on the construction industry in 2020, modular construction methods have grown in popularity to mitigate the resultant loss of productivity. By prefabricating a house’s components in a factory and simply shipping them to a project site, construction firms can minimize the amount of on-site work required to get the house finished, thereby avoiding the disaster posed by delayed projects. In 2021, sadly, coronavirus is still with us. Therefore, we only see the efficiency of modular construction growing as the year goes on.

Sustainable Practices

The impact we’re having on the environment has been a significant ‘red flag’ in all of our lives for years now, and the pressure has only built as time has passed. In 2021, we’re due to reach a fever pitch in the urgency of our environmental issues. In response, it’s only natural that the construction industry will shift to meet the changing situation. There are countless environmentally-friendly materials, processes and practices the industry has known about (and used, occasionally) for years. In 2021, expect them to grow astronomically more popular and widespread.


In construction, drones are an invaluable eye in the sky, perfect for surveying a site safely and with a robust panoramic. In 2021, we’ll see more and more construction companies implementing drones wherever possible. Whether it’s to run an initial safety sweep of a site, determine material costs for a job, or deliver materials themselves, drones will become a key part of countless construction teams all over the country.

Final Thoughts

2021 promises to be exciting for the construction industry, one in which theoretical possibilities of yesteryear will become realities. Drones, 3D printing and genuinely sustainable construction methods—all exciting stuff. By the time 2022 rolls around, it might all be commonplace. From all of us at Substrata, we hope you have a truly Happy New Year!